ABOUT Sunstock, Inc

Sunstock, Inc. is a public company and is involved in mining and distribution of precious metals, primarily gold.  The Company pursues a “ground to coin” strategy, whereby it secures and/or acquires mining assets as well as rights to purchase mining production, and sells these metals primarily through retail channels through their own branded coins.

Executive Summary

Sunstock, Inc. founded in 2012 is based in Sacramento, California.  The Company currently operates one precious metals retail store under Mom’s Silver Shop in Sacramento, California and recently announced the launch of a unique suite of cryptocurrencies backed by gold, silver, and platinum.

The Company has plans to raise capital in order to launch its asset backed suite of cryptocurrencies, as well as to strengthen its ability to grow Mom’s Silver Shop revenues.  Anticipated revenue for 2019 was $6M vs $2.8M in 2018 and $10M in 2020.

The Company also plans to raise capital in order to acquire or partnership with one or more micro gold mines in order to advance it’s ground to retail philosophy of becoming a pure gold play.

The Business: Precious Metals

Mom’s Silver Shop specializes in buying and selling gold, silver, and rare coins, and is one of the leading precious metals retailers in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.  We are also partnering with Apmex to sell their inventory in our shop with an online portal available to customers.

In order to boost sales, Sunstock has determined that the inventory must be increased in order to draw in even larger investors/customers.

The Company believes that monetary policies adopted by the United States, the European Union, China and Japan may cause an increase in inflation. Gold and silver have traditionally served as a hedge against economic uncertainty and high inflation and stock market losses.

At the present time, the Company does not anticipate or foresee a material effect on this line of its business from existing or probable governmental regulations.

The Company’s strategy is to secure funding in order to allow them to secure more products on a timely basis as well as receive better price rates. This will allow us to enter the wholesale market and sell to other dealers.

We also want to begin selling wholesale to other retailers which will boost our sales by $25,000,000 per year, initially.  Potentially this can reach into the $100,000,000s/per year range in just a few years.

The Business: Cryptocurrency

Sunstock, Inc. is redefining how the world conceptualizes and uses money with the pending launch of asset-backed cryptocurrencies that are directly tied to the value of gold bullion.

Sunstock, Inc. announced the launch of its “Triple 8”, cryptocurrency, which is backed by physical precious metals holdings, one of the first of its kind. As an asset-backed digital currency backed by gold, “Triple 8” provides a value proposition for both investors and end-users of the token.

“Triple 8” redefines how the world conceptualizes and uses money with its asset-backed cryptocurrency, directly tied to the value of gold bullion.  With the world FIAT money system strained, crypto backed by precious metals appeals to value conscious individuals, institutions and other entities. Having a token equal to 1 ounce of precious metal gives a true value backed cryptocurrency.

By leveraging blockchain ledger technology and a diversified portfolio of precious metal holdings, Triple 8 is creating a new system for money that is both traceable and backed by assets of real value.  The Triple 8 debit card will allow token holders to pay for everyday goods and services using real precious metals like they would use a traditional debit card.

Token holders would be issued a debit card to use and access their funds. Token holders will be able to buy, sell, and trade Triple 8 tokens, track their investment portfolios, and even govern the growth of Sunstock’s operations through the DA08, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

With the DA08, all of raised funds will be stored transparently in a publicly available multi-signature wallet, and community consensus will determine how our money will be deployed or invested before any funds are released.

Triple 8 will also pave the way for new levels of security and transparency in precious metal investing with the development of innovative technologies such as loT Smart Vaults for storing assets and RFID tags, Smart Cameras and Smart Scales for tracking logistics as the assets travel to the vault from their source.  The Company’s devices will be able to report these logistics to the blockchain in real time, creating a verifiable ledger of where the metal has been, who has interacted with it, and more.

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency and passion of the crypto community as our driving force, Triple 8’s long-term vision is to tokenize as many different commodities as possible, giving token holders virtually limitless choices in the types of assets they wish to invest in and spend.

The Company will make money on each of the trades of its Crypto Currency tokens in the form of a fee per trade.  This amount could run into the hundreds of millions per year, depending on how many of the tokens trade hands per year.  We anticipate the demand to be very high in the coming year.  We hope to have this live within the next quarter of 2020.

The Business: Mining

Announcing Sunstock’s intention to become a pure gold play stock, with plans to own a complete Vertical Integration in the gold industry.  The Company intends to acquire mineral rights and gold mining assets to compliment it’s already strong and growing gold distribution business.  We anticipate acquisition prices in the $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 range.  The mines we are considering are producing upwards of 60,000 ounces of gold per year.  The cost to mine and refine this gold is anticipated at $1,000 per ounce.  We will sell at spot price.

We plan to hire a designer to produce custom designs for us in gold bullion coins.  These coins will be in limited quantities of 15 to 30 thousand ounces per quarter.  In addition to selling these limited edition coins through our own retail operations we will also sell them through Karat Bar, which has about a 500,000 person sales force.  With our prices set at spot, we anticipate brisk sales.  Compare this to $25 over spot for Canadian Maples or $35 over spot for American Eagles.  We foresee a profit margin of $400+ per ounce.  This could net us $45 – $48 million per year in profit at today’s gold prices, and a gross revenue of $200,000,000 per year.

The whole world mines about 109.6 million ounces of gold per year.  We hope to produce 1/10 of 1% of the total supply of gold in the world.

The Company is in talks to acquire or partnership with several assets that could potentially produce billions in revenue over 5-10 years.  We are focused on projects that already own significant amounts of unrefined – but already mined – gold ore.

Management Team

Mr. Jason Chang –

Founder, Chairman, CEO & Investor Relations Officer

Mr. Jason Chang is the Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer of Sunstock, Inc.  Mr. Chang began his career in the hospitality industry in the family business operating several hotels throughout California.  Mr. Chang has over 20 years of hospitality management experience.  He has excellent communication skills, time-management skills, and overall organizational skills.

Mr. Jason Chang is a highly motivated individual who excels at whatever he does.  He has been preparing and researching for this venture for the past few years. His strategic planning and execution make him well suited to lead the Company.

Dr. Ramnik S. Clair –

Director and Vice President

Dr. Ramnik Clair received his medical degree in India and immigrated to the United States in 1983.  He completed his medical residency in New York and has subsequently served in his medical practice as a sole practitioner. Dr. Clair intends to assist Sunstock, Inc. in building long term relationships with his client base.